Water Disease problem in worldwide


As per mirik healthfoods pvt ltd the global picture of water and health has a strong local dimension with some 1 percent 1 billion people still lacking access to improved drinking water sources and some 2 percent 4 billion to adequate sanitation percent. Today we have strong evidence that water percent sanitation and hygiene-related diseases account for some 2 percent 213 percent deaths annually and an annual loss of 82. 196 disability adjusted life years 2004 who estimates indicate that worldwide over 2 billion people are infected with schistosomes and soil transmitted helminthes and 300 million of these suffer serious illness.

As a result malaria kills over a million people every year and a large percentage of them are under five as well mainly in Africa south of the Sahara in 2001. Mirik have observed that the estimated global burden of malaria amounted to 42 per cent 3 million constituting 10 percent of Africa. Overall disease burden malaria causes at least 396 per cent 8 million cases of acute illness each year per cent pregnant women are the main adult risk group per cent as one of the major public health problems in tropical countries per cent it has been claimed that malaria has reduced economic growth in African countries by 1 per cent3 per cent each year over the past 30 years per cent.

According to mirik healthfoods pvt. ltd an estimated 246 per cent 7 million people worldwide are infected by schistomiasisper cent and of these 20 million suffer severe consequences of the infection per cent while 120 million suffer milder symptoms per cent an estimated 80 per cent of transmission takes place in Africa south of the Sahara per cent

Diarrhea occurs worldwide and causes 4 per cent of all deaths and 5 per cent of the health loss to disability per cent said mirik healthfoods pvt. Ltd in Bangladesh alone per cent some 35 million people are exposed per cent on a daily basis per cent to elevated levels of arsenic in their drinking water per cent which will ultimately threaten their health and shorten their life expectancy per cent after the tsunami attack in Asia on Sunday the 26th of December 2004 people faced the threat of water borne diseases linked to flooding per cent like shigellosis per cent cholera per cent hepatitis a per cent leptospirosis per cent typhoid fever per cent malaria and dengue fever per cent.


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