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                                                            dārvī malahara gel


mirik healthfoods pvt ltds research and development department has formulated medicine to cure darvi malahara gel disease description of which is as given here under

 therapeutic uses sveta pradara leucorrhoea yonika´ū itching yoni sotha

vaginitis and other wounds and ulcers



yellowish-brown non-gritty smooth gel


test for berberine dissolve about 2 g of dārvī malahara in 20 ml of water and filter

take about 2 ml of the filtrate and add 1 ml of concentrated nitric acid a dark red colour

is formed

test for spha°ikā dip a spatula in the water solution of dārvī malahara take it out and

let it dry hold spatula in a nonluminous flame a violet colour is imparted to the flame

physico-chemical parameters

ph 5% aqueous solution 37 to 42 appendix 33


 sample contains not less than 008 per cent of berberine when assayed by the following


formulation composition

  • rasā®jana api berberis aristata b asiatica b lycium root extract 2 g spha°ikā alum or potable alums 1 g
  • tragacanth 2 g xanthan gum ff 1 g
  • propylene glycol 4 ml
  • methyl paraben 017 g
  • propyl paraben 003 g
  • disodium edentate 001 g
  • peppermint oil 005 ml
  • jala api water 100 g


method of preparation


preparation of rasanjana


  • rasā®jana is the dried aqueous extract of the roots of dāruharidrā berberis aristata or
  • b asiatica or b lycium fam berberidaceae and is prepared by the following method
  • chop dāruharidrā into small pieces of about 1 cm thickness powder the chopped roots
  • to a yavkuta powder whose all particles pass through sieve number 22 and not more than
  • 10 per cent pass through sieve number 44 weigh the powder and transfer to a suitable
  • extraction vessel add purified water 5 times the weight of drug allow to soak
  • overnight 12 h followed by gentle boiling for 4 h stop the boiling and allow the
  • contents to settle down separate the water layer and filter while hot repeat the
  • extraction two times more using fresh purified water 4 times the weight of drug
  • remove the water from the combined extract as completely as possible at this stage the
  • extract solidifies on cooling dry the solidified extract further in an oven preferably a
  • vacuum oven at a temperature below 600


  • pack it in tightly closed containers to protect from light and moisture


preparation of dārvī malahara


  • weigh all the ingredients separately mix well the powders of tragacanth and xanthan
  • gum take 50 ml of purified water in a 250-ml container and transfer gum mixture with
  • continuous stirring to avoid formation of lumps keep it aside for 6 h for complete
  • dispersion and hydration dissolve powder of sphatikā potash alum in 10 ml of warm
  • 600 purified water and add this solution after cooling to gum mixture with stirring
  • dissolve methyl paraben propyl paraben disodium edetate in a mixture of 4 ml of
  • propylene glycol and 6 ml of purified water and heat for 5 min at 600 cool and add this
  • solution with continuous stirring to the mixture of gums and alum dissolve rasā®jana in
  • 10 ml of purified water and add to the gel mixture of gum and alum and mix well
  • adjust the weight of gel to 100 g with purified water adjust the ph between 37 and 42
  • with sufficient triethanolamine approximately 3 to 4 drops add 01 ml of peppermint
  • oil or other permissible flavour to the prepared gel and mix well fill the gel in
  • aluminium plastic tubes



  • estimation of berberine dissolve about 25 mg of accurately weighed berberine
  • hydrochloride in water and makeup the volume to 25 ml in a volumetric flask transfer
  • 12345 and 6 ml of this stock solution separately to six 25 ml- volumetric flasks
  • makeup the volume in each to 25 ml


  • apply in triplicate 1 μl of each dilution on a tlc plate develop the plate to a distance of
  • 8 cm using n-propanol formic acid water 81 01 18 as mobile phase after
  • development dry the plate in air and scan at 343 nm in a tlc scanner note the area
  • under the curve for peak corresponding to berberine and prepare the calibration curve by
  • plotting peak area vs amount of berberine hydrochloride


  • dissolve accurately weighed about 1 g of dārvī malahara in 5 ml of distilled water and
  • make up the volume to 25 ml in a volumetric flask with distilled water filter the
  • solution and discard the first 5 ml of the solution collect the next 5 ml of solution and
  • use for analysis apply 1 μl of solution in triplicate on a tlc plate and develop dry and
  • scan the plate as described in preceding paragraph for calibration curve of berberine
  • calculate the amount of berberine in the test solution from the calibration curve of
  • berberine hydrochloride and determine the concentration of berberine in the dārvī
  • malahara


other requirements


  • microbial limits appendix 24
  • aflatoxins appendix 27
  • dose 2g twice a day to be applied with applicator in vagina
  • storage at room temperature




discontinue if there is any irritation or


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