ad balance

mirik healthfoods pvt ltd noticed that cardiovascular disease has been rampant as the leading killer in india accounting for the largest number of deaths nearly 29% back in 2005 disease data has presented cumulative statistical trends consistently year after year when experts in new delhi analyzed disease burden in september last year on the occasion of world heart day estimate revealed an overall increase of 345 million in heard disease population from 2000 to 2015   the year 2020 is expected to put india into the forefront of global heart disease around 19% deaths are expected from the killer illness and its co-morbidities alone.

The cause of cardiovascular disease progression, as per mirik healthfoods pvt ltd are both genetic as well as related to unhealthy lifestyle practices genetic predisposition and biological make up account for causes elated to triggers for cad development however high blood pressure is often the precursor to a stroke coronary artery disease or chronic heart disease among young and middle aged men and women.

Disease burden created by stress high carbohydrate diet resulting overweight and obesity smoking and alcohol not only raises morbidity and mortality ratio but also threaten the existence of a healthy economy given the rising costs of healthcare involved.

Mirik healthfood pvt ltd has recommended ad balance as a dietary supplement an additional source of vitamins e 83 sorces of flavonoidsrutin dihydroquercetin tannin containing anthocyanins which helps in maintaining general health and well bein by normalizing blood flow to the organs and tissues by lowering cholesterol reducing blood viscosity and improving cellular respiration.


This complex is designed by Mirik healthfoods pvt ltd to normalize blood pressure as the ingredients normalize blood flow to the organs and tissues by lowering cholesterol and reducing blood viscosity and improving cellular respiration this method prevents oxygen deficiency in any tissue and organ the active ingredient of the complex also neutralize free redicals and protect the body during stress the complex-ad- balance is composed of substances that normalize all parts of the regulation of blood pressure in the body; central located in the brain and peripheral-dependent on vascular tone and bloods pressure on the walls acting on all four sides the active substances in the complex maintain the balance in the regulation of blood pressure creating the condition for the normalization of this for a long time excess fluid in the boody is a condition which is formed on the background of hypertension against this background accelerating the direct relaxing effect of magnesium on blood vessel walls as well as extracts of motherwort and tsimitsifugiblack cohosh that eliminate excessive excitationof centres regulating blood pressure located in the brain.


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Mirik healthfoods provide ayurvedic medicines is to promote good health, rather than fight disease. Mirik Healthfoods products manufacturing for treatment by pure herbal medicines based on ayurveda. Some Link:
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