Mirik Helathfood New products (cont….)



 mirik healthfoods pvt ltds research and development department has formulated medicine to cure lepa disease description of which is as given here under

 epas are semi-solid preparations intended for external application to the skin or certain mucous membranes for emollient protective therapeutic or prophylactic purposes

where a degree of occlusion is desired they usually consist of solutions or dispersions of

one or more medicaments in suitable bases.

the base should not produce irritation or sensitization of the skin nor should it retard wound healing it should be smooth inert odourless physically and chemically stable and ompatible with the skin and with incorporated medicaments.

the proportions of the base ingredients should be such that the ointment is not too

soft or too hard for convenient use the consistency should be such that the ointment

spreads and softens when stress is applied.


About Mirik Healthfoods Pvt Ltd

Mirik healthfoods provide ayurvedic medicines is to promote good health, rather than fight disease. Mirik Healthfoods products manufacturing for treatment by pure herbal medicines based on ayurveda. Some Link: www.mirik.info/ www.mirik.biz/
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