Mirik Healthfoods Daily Tip for Kids

Mirik Healthfoods Tip For Kids

Here I am sharing few fast healthy breakfast recipes, which you can try for your child. Neither I am a chef or a cooking expert, this is just compilation of my own and my friends’ recipes. You can go ahead and find many more healthy breakfast ideas on internet or if you are great chef then please share your recipes with us.


Mirik Healthfoods Tip For Kids

Nothing can be better than a fruit platter, so instant and healthy. You can make your own fresh fruit combination depending on taste of your little one. Not only making combinations will help in making fruit serving look colourful. but it will also add to its nutrition value.

Try using dissimilar color fruits as most nutritionist say we should ‘Eat a rainbow’. Like red coloured fruits (watermelon, strawberries) are rich in lycopene which is an antioxidant. Orange/Yellow fruits are rich in carotenoids which are good for healthy eyes. So try using different combinations.

Fresh fruit juices and smoothies (a thick, smooth drink of fresh fruit pureed with milk, yogurt) are great, if your child likes variations.

Milk is great source of calcium, very necessary for kids in this growing stage. It can be one of immediate healthy breakfast recipes if your child is fond of milk. In summers you can try different shakes like banana shake, mango shake etc. I winters you can give kesar badam milk and so on. One point to be noted give full fat milk to kids upto 2 years of age, for later you should use skimmed milk. (You should discuss with your child’s paediatrician in case your child requires any special attention like in case of lactose intolerant kids).Variety can introduced by giving cornflakes, oats, muesli with milk. These additives make milk more filling for child and easy to digest. Cornflakes and muesli are available in different flavours in MARKET, you can choose as per child’s taste.

Dal Cheela/Pancakes: As we know pulses are high sources of proteins, you can try making dal cheela. This cheela can be prepared quickly. You can begin with soaking any dal or 2 dals, like moong dhuli dal needs to be soaked for half hour and harder dals should be soaked longer. Grind soaked dal to make batter, add salt, chilly per your child’s taste. AddOIL to non-stick, then spread batter and then turn sides as it gets cooked. You can variations to it by adding cheese stuffing in it.


Mirik Healthfoods Tip For Kids

Stuffed Rotis: These are cooked in same way as prathas, but they are not greased, this way their nutrition values stays intact and roti becomes yummy.

You can also mash veggies in dough to make stuffed rotis, like I sometimes mash dal in flour to make dal wali rotes for my child.

Roti Variants: Like Makke ki roti, bajre ki roti are great source of iron for kids and can make simple meal yummy.

Magic Idlis: Rice idli, sooji idli are most apt for healthy breakfast. You can add twist to regular idlis by adding beetroot juice for making red coloured idlis for kid or you can make green idlis from coriander juice .You can add vegetables to plain idlis and make vegetable idlis.

Upma: Upma is also a great healthy breakfast, you can customise it by adding vegetables of your child’s taste. This will improve taste and second benefit would be that kid will eat vegetables also.

Sprout bowl: Sprout bowl is also one of easy and healthy breakfast recipes for child. You can make sprouts tangy by adding cucumbers, boiled corns, tomatoes, lemon etc. Like I will share my recipe, my kid does not like raw sprouts, so I steam sprouts and then add veggies to it. Similarly you can try different variants like adding fruits to sprouts. You can create your own salad bowl.

Poha: Poha is a perfect start of day – a healthy, light and easily digestible meal. This is my kid’s favorite and I generally add lot of vegetables to it.

Eggs/Meat: Eggs are great protein source, you can try giving simply boiled eggs. Presentation of boiled eggs can be done better by garnishing it with vegetables. Vegetable omelettes can be a great recipe too. Chicken and meat can also be given, consult your paediatrician concerning what time you should start giving non- veg to your child and in what amount.

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