Mirik Healthfoods Habits of Healthy Living

Stop smoking. :
This is by distant the most important habit, as it affect almost every single one of the leading cause of death. It’s moreover the hardest of these habits to vary. It’s not at all not possible — I quit six years ago next month

2. Lose weight
This is not exactly a habit — the best habit to form to lose weight is to eat less. Or eat more of belongings that don’t have a lot of calories, like fruits and veggies. Being overweight is presently below smoking the worst risk factor for lots of diseases.

3. Exercise.
You don’t need me to tell you to exercise, but listen to this: need of exercise is a main risk issue for heart disease, stroke, colon & rectal cancers, diabetes, breast cancer, lofty blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. If you don’t exercise, you’re just ask to get a major disease. It’s approximately a magic pill: do a bit of exercise every day, and you get healthy. You don’t need much — start with 5 minutes a day in the morning.

4. Drink only in moderation.
Serious drinking is one of the worst risk feature for many diseases. That’s more than 2 drinks of alcohol a day for men, and more than 1 drink for women. A glass of red wine is a good thing, but too many and you’re deeply increasing your risk of disease.

Mirik Healthfoods Healthy Tips

Happy of Healthy Tips

5. Cut out red & processed meats.
Eating red meats, and method meats like sausages, bacon, canned meats and so on, is a risk factor for colon/rectal cancer, stomach cancer, and high cholesterol, which in turn is a most important risk factor for coronary heart disease and stroke. While this won’t sit well with a lot of people, the overwhelming mass of research chains this. I advocate going vegetarian.

6. Eat fruits & veggies.
This is clear, but it’s brilliant how few veggies most people eat. Eating fruits and veggies reduces your risk of several leading diseases, and it’s one of the easiest habits to form. Eat a salad (without heavy dressings, bacon or additional meats, croutons or cheese), add veggies to soups or veggie chili, cook up veggies as a healthy area dish with dinner or lunch. Eat fruits with breakfast and as snacks.

7. Reduce salt and saturated/Trans fats. Salt and saturated or trans fats are in so more than a few processed or prepared foods, and they add to risks of high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which increase risk for heart disease and stroke. in spite of what the Weston Price Foundation and other people on the Internet tell you, saturated fat isn’t healthy — read the sources. Note that this isn’t a controversy in the medical community, but the “harmlessness” of saturated fats is perpetuate by the diary and meat industries, and lay writers like Gary Taube. Cook your own healthy meals instead of eating out or eating prepared foods.

8. Reduce stress.
Stress is a risk issue for heart disease and high blood pressure, which is itself a risk factor for stroke. Make simpler your workday so that you’re not overly stressed, and exercise to relieve stress.

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