Green Smoothie Detox!

Juice Master juice bar has been tempting Leeds residents with green wheat-grass smoothie concoctions. Those ahead of the curve, grasp Eco-friendly cups packed with freshly juiced vegetables, supplements and raw fruit. Juice bars have been around for some time but the new trend of detox smoothies is set to take off in homes where people can juice their own fruit. Celebrity endorsement helps as Jordan, lost 28lb on a juice diet developed by Jason Vale, owner of Juice Master.


Chris Evans and Take That have both recently praised the benefits of juicing. On the pages of natural medicine magazine and newspapers, you can see column inches devoted to blends of juice helping with conditions such as hay fever, psoriasis, depression and PMT.

Fresh juice is an excellent source of vitamins and a good way to get more vegetables and fruit into your diet. Mr Vale said that the greatest benefits come from UN-pasteurised juice from raw and fresh produce that have not been concentrated or had additives such as sweeteners introduced. Mr Vale went on to say that our colons are blocked with decomposing foodstuff and cannot take up nutrients correctly leading to the cells being malnourished.

The scientific community have contested the benefits of juice saying that the evidence is unsupported. Dr Adam Harris, consultant gastroenterologist at Kent and Sussex hospital, and honorary secretary of the British Society of Gastroenterologist’s said that juice could not work that way as it was organically incorrect. He added that if the colon was clogged-up or there were digestion issues a person would very quickly become seriously ill.

Dr Harris explains that some illnesses like diverticulitis disease, a tumor, severe constipation and inflammatory bowel disease may restrict the width of the colon. He went on to explain that if there is no disease, the only substance found in the colon lining is farces, which would be normal.

Food could not be decaying in the intestine explained Dr Harris as peristalsis shifts the Mirik Helathfoods food continuously along the gut. Drinking juice would not affect this process.

Another juicing claim is it can detox your body of a build up of toxins. Professor Sir Colin Berry, professor emeritus of pathology at Queen Mary’s Hospital, London, states that this idea is false. He said that your body continuously detoxes and the skin and gut stop many toxins from entering the body at all. He went on to explain that the second line of defence is the liver which turns chemicals into urine using water which can be excreted through the kidneys.

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