Mirik Healthfoods Mirikpro

USP : Penis Enlargement

Face it, if you want to take total erotic control of a women, you just can’t let concerns about your performance disrupt the thrill and momentum of spontaneous, passionate sex – you want to know without a doubt that you’ll be as hard and as hot and as enduring as you ever dreamed. And you want it now.It’s the trait 9 out of 10 women find sexiest in a man. With a larger, fuller penis, you can’t help but exude confidence. Let’s face it, who wants to make love to a man with a small or average Penis. When it comes to penises, everyone know Bigger is always Better- Do something about it, today!

How to use

2 Cap. Twice a day. With warm milk without fat.


Massage with oil lice procedure use one hand to stroks the shaft white you use the fingers of your other hand is a twisting motion on the heow just as if you were juicing on arrange. To massage the sensitive formulam iterblock your finger with his penis in between bringing your thumbs together to gently rub this spor.

So the average penis length is 6.16 inches. The average girth is 4.84 inches.

Can Penis Size be Increased?

Yes, there are two procedure i.e. medicinal & surgical procedures to increase penis size.

What we recommend to you increase Your Penis Size

We recommend you to massage the Penis with P-XL Enlargements oil and have Best for Men Supplements along with. * Permanent penis enlargement * Increased Semen * Bigger penis head * Rock hard eractions * Curvate Straightening * Increased sexual stamina

Composition : Each Capsule Contains –

Asgandh 260 mg, Akarkara 20 mg, Safed Moosali 20 mg, Loh Bhasm 50 mg, Rajat Bhasm 50 mg, Abhrak Bhasm 50 mg, Swarn Makshik Bhasm 50 mg

Each 10 ml Oil Contains: Asgandh 500 mg, Malkangni 0.500 ml, Clove oil 0.500 ml, Nutmeg oil 0.500 ml, Jaitoon oil 1 ml, Kesar 0.05 g, Javitri 0.1 g, Latakaranj 0.2 g, Til oil 7.5 ml

About Mirik Healthfoods Pvt Ltd

Mirik healthfoods provide ayurvedic medicines is to promote good health, rather than fight disease. Mirik Healthfoods products manufacturing for treatment by pure herbal medicines based on ayurveda. Some Link: www.mirik.info/ www.mirik.biz/
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