Calcium therapy with vitamins Syrup Contains:- • Deficiency of Calcium Fracturesmirical-cap • Pregnancy & Lactation • Rickets • Increased requirements of calcium • Bone and teeth development in children • Osteoporosis • Osteomalacia • Convalescence Calcium with Zinc & Magnesium Suspension


Each 5 ml. Contains: Calcium Carbonate 625 mg. (eq. to el. Calcium 250 mg.), Vit D3 125 I.U., Magnisium Hydroxide 25 mg. (el. To el. Magnesium), Zinc (el. El. Zinc) 2 mg., Sulphate


Two teaspoon thrice a day or as directed

About Mirik Healthfoods Pvt Ltd

Mirik healthfoods provide ayurvedic medicines is to promote good health, rather than fight disease. Mirik Healthfoods products manufacturing for treatment by pure herbal medicines based on ayurveda. Some Link: www.mirik.info/ www.mirik.biz/
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